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Guitar Amplifier Designer, Repairman and Luthier

 I have been building, designing and repairing guitar amplifiers for over 30 years.  My first production amplifier was the Talos Basic.  I am also a luthier with over 30 years experience.  


About Copperhead Audio Engineering

Guidance and Expertise, Tailored to Your Needs

Every musician has specific needs, experience, background and approaches to music.  I listen to each musician and help them achive their own personal sound palette


Personalized Attention

Outstanding Quality

I have modified, restored and repaired tube as well as solidstate amplifiers of all brands.  A few examples are Fender, Marshall, Dumble and Ampeg.  I am very meticulous and my repairs often include improvements that I have discovered over the years.  I have also been trusted by many musicians with their instruments by holding the highest work standard while keeping their playing style in mind.  Brands I have serviced are Gibson, Martin, Fender, Hofner as well as many others.  I also designed and built the Talos Basic as well as the Copperhead Audio Model 1950.

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